New Patient Package

The New Patient Package is the starting point on your journey to a successful lifestyle change.


*This cost does not include blood work. This is a 3rd party service, drawn in clinic, with an additional cost of $225 or the option to bill your medical insurance provider.

New Patient Package

What’s Included

(This is a 3rd party service, drawn in clinic, with an additional cost of $225 or the option to bill your medical insurance provider.)

A specialized blood test will be administered to give the Formula Wellness experts a look at the physiology inside your body. The focus of this test is not just to look at reference values that a laboratory usually produces but to more specifically concentrate on optimal values — those that the human body functions best at to keep you strong, energetic, young and with a maximum ability to fight disease. *See below for billing policy.

Medically precise body composition analyzer gives insight into components that make up your current weight. Monthly scans keep you up to date on your progress, as well as important factors such as replacing fat with muscle mass.

Your RMR determines how many calories your body needs in a day without exercise. Testing your RMR allows us to hone in on the caloric values needed for you to lose weight. This test is a key factor when creating a personalized exercise plan.

The Cardio-Max test allows us to evaluate your arterial health and how your body will respond to cardio stress and exercise.

The EKG is used to detect heart rhythm irregularities and heart disease.

Your first consultation with a provider will be a 60-minute comprehensive evaluation regarding your current lifestyle and well-being as well as a review of your blood work and the results from our New Patient Package. If you choose to enroll in one of our monthly programs you have the opportunity to schedule one, 30-minute complimentary follow-up appointment each month with a provider to discuss ongoing concerns or needs.

How it Works

When beginning your journey towards optimal health you will most likely be unaware of the underlying factors responsible for your symptoms. The New Patient Package is beneficial for those who would like to become more educated about their personal physiology. A better understanding of the overall function and health of your body will aid in discovering and correcting the root cause of your concerns as opposed to just treating the symptoms alone. Thorough testing and an in-depth discussion of your past and current health, lifestyle, and goals results in an individualized treatment plan designed by both you and your Formula Wellness provider.

*NOTE: The $250 fee includes payment for SECA Body Composition Scan, Cardio-Max, RMR, EKG and Provider Consultation.  It does NOT include payment for 3rd party laboratory services.  Those services will be submitted, at the patients’ choice, to either their medical insurance provider or to a cash laboratory with a fee of $225.

*Patients are responsible for all amounts not covered by health insurance, including: co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

*Additional fees may apply per plan co-pay or if deductible has not been met. Medications prescribed to a traditional pharmacy and any co-pays for laboratory work are additional expenses and are not included in the program.

Patients typically choose to participate in one of our Monthly Subscription Based Plans after completion of the New Patient Package: