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January 10, 2024

Dr. Brian Rudman Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer | Formula Wellness

The ONE supplement/drug you need to take to be skinny and live longer. Hint: It’s not Ozempic.

We all know THAT person. The person who has never even one day in their life watched what they eat. They eat the same as you (or worse), work out less than you, and still stay lean. These evil creatures...

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Exploring the Age-Defying Benefits of Peptide Therapy

December 26, 2023

Article At Glance Peptide therapy involves consultation, customized planning, administration via injection or cream, and aftercare monitoring. Benefits include slowing signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, and much more. Have you ever wondered how to combat the seemingly inexorable march of...

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The Effects of EMFACE® on Wrinkle Reduction and Facial Skin Tightening

November 29, 2023

Article At Glance EMFACE® is an alternative to procedures like surgical facelifts and dermal fillers.  The EMFACE® procedure addresses wrinkles through a non-invasive approach combining electromagnetic stimulation and radiofrequency energy. Provides skin-lifting effects and reduces wrinkles. Have you been noticing...

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Transforming Joint Pain Treatment With PRP Injections: A Paradigm Shift

October 4, 2023

Article At Glance PRP treatment is effective for those experiencing joint pain and other related conditions. PRP promotes new cartilage development and tissue repair through growth factors encouraging cell growth and reducing inflammation. Major growth factors in PRP that aid...

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How Can Infrared Sauna Sessions Help Improve Your Mental Health?

September 12, 2023

Stress is a part of everyone's life, but there are times when we feel it more keenly. At these moments, many people begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and generally unwell.

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