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Dr. Brian Rudman

Dr. Brian Rudman

Medical Director, Chairman

A passionate doctor with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rudman has taken his experience with patients’ medical and surgical problems into a new role that focuses on preventing illness and preserving wellness.

He has seen excellent doctors make incredible advances in treating diseases with surgery and medicine that were unimaginable 20 years ago; however, our environment continues to challenge our bodies making it more and more difficult for us to fight the negative effects of aging and our environment. Dr. Rudman has joined the growing fight with numerous other physicians to focus on balancing our western medical approach to disease with a heavy concentration on preserving wellness and preventing illness.

As a board-certified Anesthesiologist since 1997, Dr. Rudman has had the pleasure of treating thousands of patients across every age group. He has seen firsthand the consequences and side effects of conventional medical treatment and the implications on the ultimate surgical management of disease processes. Throughout his career, he has witnessed the progressive increase in obesity and related diseases resulting from the modern-day environment in which we live. This issue has not only accelerated to become more common than not, but it has also been progressively occurring at a younger average age. This study, over the years, has lead Dr. Rudman to the conclusion that there is a missing piece – treating and preserving wellness is something that we as a medical community can be doing better, especially as the outside environmental threats continue to make it more difficult to stay “Well.”

Dr. Rudman attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois for his undergraduate training. Here he completed his pre-medical studies while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in History. He then continued on to the University of Missouri, securing his Doctorate in Medicine before going back to Northwestern University for an advanced residency training in Anesthesiology. At Northwestern, Dr. Rudman proudly served as Chief Resident during his final year. After 20 years of leading several successful medical practices, he began to devote his attention toward the board certification process and is now Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).*

*The American Board of Anesthesiology is recognized by the Texas Board of Medical Specialties. However, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine is not currently recognized by the Texas Board of Medical Specialties.

When Dr. Rudman is not practicing medicine, he and his wife Chrissy love to spend time with their four dogs and his two beautiful daughters. He loves watching them grow into amazing young women. Dr. Rudman is also very passionate about fitness and loves competing against his wife in strength training.

Chrissy Rudman

Chrissy Rudman

Chief Executive Officer, Lead Nutritionist, Master Injector, RTR CNMT

Chrissy’s desire to do more to help people lead her to join her husband in starting Formula Wellness Center. Having a passion for helping people since childhood meant that a career in healthcare was the only choice for Chrissy Rudman.

She worked for six years in a level one Trauma Center as a Radiographer while studying Biology at the University of Texas at Dallas. She then left the ER, after obtaining her license in Nuclear Medicine from Baylor University Medical Center, to join and eventually run the Nuclear Medicine Department for a Cardiology clinic in the North Dallas area.

Chrissy is not only passionate about helping people, she is also passionate about about health, fitness, and her four rescue dogs.

A Medical Practice That's More Than Just A “Doctor’s Office”

Formula Wellness Center is more than just your same old doctor’s office. Formula Wellness is a comprehensive MEDICAL BASED program that includes: Medical consultation, thorough on-site medical testing, customized workout and diet solutions, as well as supplements, injections, detoxifying IV infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy designed to refresh and energize your body.


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