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Are you struggling with hair loss and searching for a solution?

Hair Restoration

At our Hair Restoration Program, we understand the significance of hair in boosting one's confidence and self-esteem. Our comprehensive program is designed to address various hair-related concerns, encompassing cutting-edge treatments and personalized care. We bring together an exceptional team of professionals who are dedicated to fostering the hair-restoration journey with our clients. Our program incorporates advanced and minimally invasive techniques such as PRP therapy, Artas iX Robot treatment, among others.

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Hair Restoration


We are not a nationwide transplant chain focused on treating you like just another number to be sold. We perform a thorough medical exam and consultation to diagnose the root cause of your hair loss and explore all medical options available for treatment of your hair loss.

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Range of Treatments

There is an old saying: If you go to a muffler shop you will end up being sold a new muffler.

At Formula Wellness, we have a range of treatment options, from simple medications nutrients and topicals, to PRP injections, to NeoGraft FUE as well as the state of the art ARTAS robotic transplant. We personalize the treatment to the patient instead of selling the only option we have.

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Post Procedure Care

You are not just a hair transplant recipient to the team at Formula Wellness. You are a lifelong patient and customer.

We continue to recommend treatments and therapy to not only help restore your hairline the day you leave but optimize your hair, and the rest of your total body wellness, for life.

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Complimentary Hair Evaluation

Our process starts with a thorough medical evaluation that includes background medical history, personal history of hair loss, identifying causes of hair loss, evaluation of scalp and density and distribution of hair follicles.

​Next we identify what you, the patient’s, goals are and walk through both what you can realistically expect from a procedure and what looks best for you, including taking into account the shape of your face, your age, rapidity of progression of hair loss.

We then walk you through what the procedure and process would look like and discuss the cost and financing options that are available.