Our Process

Inform. Guide. Inspire

A wellness program created to inform, guide, and inspire you toward a healthy lifestyle!

Improve upon all 4 of the Formula Wellness Cornerstones:

  • Nutrition
  • Hormone Balance
  • Nutrients
  • Aesthetics
Step One: Evaluate

New Patient Package

Embarking on your journey to optimal health, our New Patient Package provides an overall look at your current health state with multi-factor testing. Your first appointment will include an Extensive Blood Panel draw, SECA Body Composition Scan, Resting Metabolic Rate, Cardio Max and EKG. Included is a consultation with a provider to discuss your results and develop a personalized plan toward optimal health.

Step Two: Consultation

Monthly Wellness Programs

Your first consultation with a provider will be a 60-minute comprehensive evaluation regarding your current lifestyle and well-being along with a review of your blood work and results from the New Patient Package. If you choose to enroll in one of our monthly programs you have the opportunity to schedule one, 30-minute complimentary follow-up appointment each month with a provider to discuss ongoing concerns or needs.

Patients typically choose to participate in one of our Monthly Subscription Based Plans after completion of the New Patient Package:

Step Three: Maintenance

Wellness Services

For optimal health and wellness we focus on preventative, maintenance and intervention treatments. It is recommended that our monthly programs are complimented with routine blood draws to monitor levels combined with additional therapies such as IV vitamins, injections and supplements to maintain and improve your health.