Ketamine IV Infusion

$750-$1000 / Infusion

IV Medication for Mental Health

Ketamine Infusion

The Advanced Treatment for Refractory Mental Health Issues

Clinically Tested with overwhelming positive responses for those suffering from Major Depression, PTSD and other mental health illness.

The Process

Prior to starting your infusion an extensive consultation with a provider is taken to review relevant general health, medication and mental health history. Depending on medical history, additional tests such as blood work or EKG may be needed prior to infusion.

To prepare for the infusion, the nurse will also evaluate the patient and make sure the patient is in the optimal “headspace” prior to beginning.  We clarify goals and expectations and explain the process.  An IV line is started, Oxygen is administered via Nasal Cannula and appropriate medical monitors are placed on the patient.

The lights are dimmed in a serene setting and the nurse begins the infusion. The infusion is titrated to the appropriate level where the patient is still conscious but may be having a disassociated or “floating” feeling. The nurse continuously observes the patients vital signs as well as the level of comfort. After approximately one hour the infusion is complete and the nurse continues to stay with and observe the patient as the direct effects subside.

After the infusion is complete and the patient is fully awake, the patient is released to the custody of someone to drive them home. The patient is encouraged to attempt positive associations and remain in a positive environment to maximizes the effects of treatment – “nueroplasticity”.

The infusions are usually performed in series to continually maximize the gains and positive effects from the process.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an FDA approved drug that has been in use in anesthetic practices since the 1970’s. At high doses it can provide all the benefits of a general anesthetic, it has a different mechanism of action then all other anesthetics and causes less depression of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems. In lower doses, it provides a dissociative effect that has been shown in over 70 clinical trials to assist with refractory depression, PTSD,  OCD and other mental health conditions  It’s sister drug – EsKetamine was recently FDA approved as an outpatient nasal spray treatment for depression  

Ketamine is administered in a controlled setting as a series of infusions as a part of am ongoing mental health plan to assist patients in need  


Please note that Ketamine infusion is a fantastic but serious medical therapy. For this reason it is critical that one of our providers must take a thorough medical history and assess eligibility.

*Patients are responsible for all amounts not covered by health insurance, including: co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

*Additional fees may apply per plan co-pay or if deductible has not been met. Medications prescribed to a traditional pharmacy and any co-pays for laboratory work are additional expenses and are not included in the program.