EmSculpt treatments allow for simultaneous slimming of stubborn areas of fat while stimulating the building of muscle tone.

$750 per treatment

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, but you are still unhappy with your body?

Are you frustrated with pesky areas of stubborn fat, but unsure of what you can do to target the area?

Does it feel like all of your time in the gym has been ineffective in helping you achieve the muscle tone you desire?

EMSCULPT is made for you! This revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option destroys fat while building muscle tone.

Discover the benefits of this one-of-a-kind treatment during a consultation with Formula Wellness in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.

Emsculpt Gluteal Contraction

Emsculpt Gluteal Contraction

What Is It?

EMSCULPTĀ® is the first body contouring treatment of its kind. This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to build muscle mass and tone. The technology stimulates supramaximal muscle contractions by forcing the muscles into extreme conditions.

EMSCULPT treatments can be a safe and effective way to:

* Building muscle definition and tone

* Creating definition and tone

* Targeting and reducing stubborn fat

EMSCULPT is mostly used for the abdominal area. However, it can also be used for non-surgical butt lift procedures.

What Can I Expect?

The EMSCULPT treatment is relaxing, but the experience of the sensation may be comparable to an intense workout. During this outpatient treatment, a member of our team uses a handheld device to target fat cells in the treatment area and providing the conditions to stimulate muscle contractions. Creating this extreme conditions allows for the creation of muscle tone and definition.

There is no set downtime associated with this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, and you should be able to return to your normal daily activities. However, you may experience some soreness of the muscles in the treatment area. While treatment sessions are relatively short, a series of treatments may be required to help achieve the best results.

Results will vary for each person, and it is important to have realistic goals for treatment. Most people are able to enjoy results within a few weeks of the first treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

EMSCULPT is not intended to be used as a dramatic weight loss treatment. However, it can be used to target specific stubborn areas of unwanted fat. It may also be an effective choice for enhancing results achieved with other procedures, such as CoolSculpting or liposuction.

While this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is safe and effective for both men and women, a consultation with our team in Texas is the best way to determine if this is the best treatment for you and your goals. They can also help you develop the treatment plan for you.