Covid-19 Testing

Reliable – FDA EUA or FDA Cleared Testing to help you make responsible decisions

Rapid Antibody Testing – Finger Prick

When we are infected with a virus our body mounts a specific immune response that comes in two phases, the innate and the adaptive.  The adaptive response depends on the development of antibodies to help kill the very specific infection.  This antibody response starts with a more generalized antibody called IgM while working over the course of a week to. mount a more specific longer lasting antibody called IgG.  Based upon the presence of these specific antibodies we can judge the time course of infection and wether you are still in an acute phase.  Both tests offer near 100% sensitivity and specificity.

Rapid Antigen Testing – Nasal Swab

Using only DA EUA approved Rapid Antigen Tests Рthese device delivers results from a nasal swab within 30 minutes. It has an exceptional positive predictive value of nearly 100% РIf you test positive you are positive… and a negative predictive value (with current level of prevalence) of > 90%.

Excellent in combination with the Rapid Antibody as well.

PCR Nasal Swab

$150 for 48 hour Results
$200 for 3 hour Results

FDA approved test that looks for evidence of the active virus in the body. The swab gently removes cells from the back of the nasal cavity and the complex laboratory machinery uses genetic testing to look for specific markers that are indicative only of the Sars-Cov2 virus. Whereas some labs are taking weeks to turn around results we only work with 3rd party laboratories that promise 48 hour turn around from the time they receive the sample. Patients are called with the result if it is positive and all positive and negative results are uploaded to our EHR and patient’s have full access through their patient portal.