Epitalon: The Longevity Peptide

Epitalon: The Longevity peptide

Our main focus on what we do at Formula Wellness is keeping people on the right path of l total wellness by maximizing our four cornerstones of Nutrition, Nutrients, Hormone Balance, and Aesthetics. The goal for ourselves and our patients is prolonging not just LIFESPAN but also HEALTHSPAN. What is HEALTHSPAN? It is simply how young you “are” and “feel” at any given age. The goal being to be physiologically 30 years old when you are in your 50’s and 40 years old in your 80’s. By maximizing the cornerstones of nutrition, nutrients and aesthetics (the skin is the largest organ in the body) we can slow progress but exciting evidence is coming out in that 3rd cornerstone of hormone balance that can not only slow progression but REVERSE us on the path and increase longevity (lifespan) and how we feel (healthspan).


We often focus on things like thyroid and the sex hormones (Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone) when we talk of hormone balance. However, there are hundreds of hormones in the body and all are important. That brings us to talk about a small hormone producing organ in the brain called the pineal gland. This gland, once thought to be just a remnant from our ancestors and unimportant, we now know plays a critical role. One of the only unpaired organs in the body it sits at the base of the brain right where all the brain circulation comes together. Rene Descartes thought it so important he called it “the third eye” and felt it to be the storage place of the human soul. Scientifically we know that it is where the powerful hormone melatonin is produced. Most know that melatonin plays a role in sleep, but it has much more powerful functions than that. It controls our circadian rhythms and has powerful effects on controlling the pituitary (which releases hormones from Growth Hormone to those that control the release of Estrogen and Testosterone). Additionally, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Protecting the brain from damage, cleaning up free radicals and preventing cancer, helping maintain bone density, and controlling metabolism.


The pineal gland more recently has found to have other cells in it that create small peptides that have distant functions on the body. A peptide is a small “mini-protein” that stimulates actions on distant cells in the body. Some speed up metabolism, some cause hormones to be released, some boost immune function. A special peptide, called Epitalon (also called pinealon) has been found which when injected has some profound lasting effects.

This peptide was discovered in the former USSR by scientists who began to study it. The indeed created a twice a year protocol for injection and studied its effects. They found that people who followed the protocol lived 15 YEARS longer and had less disease (better healthspan) over the 15 years. Its effects are most likely due to “waking up” the pineal glans with better control of circadian rhythm and total body hormone release, more total antioxidants and their protective effects in lowering heart disease and cancer incidence and lastly its lengths telomers. Telomers are the ends of our chromosomes that shrink with age, so by lengthening them, it is evidence of “younger genes”.


Epitalon is safe with no significant reported side effects or negative effects. It is naturally occurring in the body. The protocol is a twice a year series of injections – 5 small subcutaneous shots with an insulin needle over a 15-day period. That’s all that is needed for these dramatic anti-aging effects.

We now have Epitalon in stock and ready for use. Additionally, if you want to do baseline testing of your chromosome/gene age – we have the new state of the art testing based on the Horvath Clock available at Formula Wellness.

Looking Forward to a longer HEALTHSPAN with all you

Brian Rudman, MD


Formula Wellness