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bioidentical Testosterone

Most individuals believe that it is a "natural" part of aging to get more tired, grow a larger belly, and ultimately succumb to disease.  These natural processes were thought to occur at the same time our hormones just happen to decline; however, what if the converse were true?  What if we got old, gained weight, and became diseased not because we aged but because OUR HORMONES HAD DECLINED?  By restoring our hormones to optimal levels with BIOIDENTICAL hormones, we feel stronger, more energized, younger, and most importantly, healthy.  Illnesses such as Heart Disease, Alzheimers, and Cancer all have declined with this therapy and as a bonus it keeps a man looking great and feeling even better.

bioidentical women hormones

Despite advertising by many "T" Clinics, hormone supplementation is not unique to men.  Women have a "symphony" of hormones that change with age.  In addition, the women in today's society are faced with unique stresses that challenge their hormone balance further.  By optimizing a women's hormones, we can maintain weight better, restore youthful vitality, and prevent disease.

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Thyroid, growth hormone 

Some hormones are not unique to men or women but need to be balanced as they play a critical role in our health and wellness.  Thyroid deficiencies are critically under diagnosed.  Up to 20% of the population suffers from this disease without a diagnosis.  The lack of energy and the inability to lose weight causes these people to give up on common sense dieting and fitness routines when in reality all they needed was for their Thyroid balance to be restored.


Growth Hormone is another under-diagnosed condition that results in an aged appearance, a lack of energy, and an inability to lose weight.  Without looking for these and other hormonal imbalances, you can never maintain health and achieve peak wellness.

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