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Serum Blood Test - Dallas, TX*

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Serum Blood Testing

The FORcast begins with a standard history and physical.  During this visit, a specialized blood test will be administered to give the Formula Wellness experts a look at the physiology inside a patient's body.  This testing is repeated periodically to ensure and maintain healthy values.  The focus of these labs is not just to look at REFERENCE values that a laboratory usually produces but to more specifically concentrate on OPTIMAL values - those being the values that the human body functions best at to keep you strong, energetic, young, and with a maximum ability to fight disease.  The initial values are typically done fasting to measure diverse things such as VITAMIN levels, heart function and risk for HEART disease, LIVER function, KIDNEY function as well as HORMONE levels.  These values, in combination with the history, physical, and additional testing allow us to map out the personalized FORMULA for your WELLNESS.

Allergy Testing

"Allergies" or Allergic reactions are your bodies immune system acting on a substance that appears foreign.  For many people these foreign substances that we breath in or eat cause very little response; however, for those with Allergies, our bodies trigger a special arm of the immune system to attack these pollutants.  This immune attack produces side effects - redness, runny nose, hives and sometimes difficulty breathing or digestive problems.  Over time these reactions that your body is undergoing in an attempt to protect you, cause a heightened and long term state of inflammation - a condition that is the foundation for many diseases from Alzheimers to Heart Disease.  Learning what substances you are sensitive to and how your body reacts to them can allow you to be treated to minimize these symptoms, decrease inflammation, and maintain wellness.

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