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Metabolic Rate Testing

Metabolic Rate Testing - Dallas, TX*

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RMR testing

Metabolic rate testing is a critical part of the FORcast.  We begin this process by assessing what your RESTING METABOLIC RATE is.  Your RMR determines how many calories you personally need in a day to stay alive assuming no activity.  Alterations in this baseline value can be indicative of several disease states that are possible to diagnose much earlier using metabolic rate testing than with the traditional tests doctors use.  Knowing these values can determine the precise caloric values needed for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance as well as aid in the treatment of diseases such as metabolic syndromes, sleep disorders, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.  By not knowing your RMR, a person with altered baseline values can never achieve their full wellness potential and thus will not be fully able to combat against the forces of aging.


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