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GX Slim

In just a short time we have gone far beyond the days of one size fits all diets, exercise, and treatment regimens.  At Formula Wellness we use the Genetic Direction testing system to determine your personal genetic profile and to obtain a deeper understanding of how your body interacts with food, exercise, and the toxic environment that causes aging.  Through GX Slim we can use a single swab of your cheek to determine your genetics.  This will help guide us in creating a PERSONALIZED diet and fitness program customized to the way your body responds to food and exercise.  No more wasting time on exercises that don't help you or fad diets that don't work for your genetics.  We can cut through the trial and error and point you in the direction that produces results not only quickly but sustainably.



GX Renew

GX Renew looks at over 80 of your genes and gives a complete analysis of nutrient, food, lifestyle and activities that affect your health and aging.  This once in a lifetime test will provide you with a roadmap that is specific to your body so you can customize and tailor your choices each day to preserve health.

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GX Perform

GxPerform is a health and activity performance improvement program based on your genetic profile. The best nutrition, workout, and supplement regimens for you cannot be determined without understanding your genetic predisposition. For average athletes wanting to be good and good athletes wanting to be great, GxPerform provides you with the food, exercise and nutrient recommendations to allow you to reach your potential.

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