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Why You Should Visit an IV Therapy Clinic


IV therapy infuses the vitamins and minerals your body needs directly into the vein so the absorption rate is higher than that of oral vitamin supplements. IV vitamin infusions can replenish, revive and energize your body, making you more productive in your everyday routine. Many of our patients have seen a remarkable difference after only one session: “I went into Formula Wellness thinking this will never work. I had a full-on migraine with vomiting. The kind I usually go to the ER for. Dr. Brian got me in and gave me an IV of magnesium and other goodies that totally cured my headache. No ER. No narcotics. It's a miracle. I'm signing up for the whole shebang. Will go as often as they say and eat the way they tell me. Life changing!” For more reviews of our IV therapies and other Formula services, Click Here.


  • Migraines
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Low Energy
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Chronic infections
  • Post operative healing


What is the difference between IV therapy and injectable vitamins and supplements, like our Formula FitShots? Both introduce nutrients in fluid form to your body, but the delivery methods are different. Injections take less time than IV infusions, which generally take about 30 minutes due to the drip method used. IV infusions are typically more expensive than injections, because of the precision and training required to monitor the process. Because the vitamins in an IV treatment are flowing directly into the vein, the effects of infusions are usually more potent and longer-lasting than injections.


IV therapy is a great way to get that energy boost you need to get through the week and can even help soothe ailments like migraines. However, it is best to be discerning when choosing an IV Therapy clinic to assure that your treatment experience is as comfortable and effective as possible. Formula Wellness Center offers a variety of IV infusions, all customized with blends of vitamins to provide specific health benefits. Our infusions are administered by experienced clinicians in a clean, clinical environment.

Disclaimer - The treatments outlined in this article have not been designated as FDA approved drugs for the treatment of any specific disease.