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A passionate doctor with over 20 years experience, Dr Rudman has taken his experience with patients and the medical and surgical problems they face into a new role that focusing on preventing illness and preserving wellness. He has seen excellent doctors make incredible advances to treat things with surgery and medicine that were unamaginable 20 years ago. The problem is that our environment continues to challenge our bodies and makes it more and more difficult for us to fight the negative effects of aging and our environment. Dr. Rudman has joined the growing fight with numerous other physicians to focus on balancing our western medical approach to disease but with more of a focus on preservation of wellness and prevention of illness.

Formula Wellness Center is unlike any other medical practice because it is far more than a medical practice.  Formula Wellness is a comprehensive program that includes thorough and specific testing on site, customized workout and diet solutions tailored to your results, as well as supplements, injections, detoxifying IV infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy to refresh and energize your entire body. 

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