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Reignite Your Intimacy with Sexual Rejuvenation

sexual rejuvenationWhen gray hair makes you look older, you can grab a box of hair color to restore your youthful appearance. When lines start creeping up on your face, you can consider cosmetic treatments to eliminate those wrinkles. You can make changes to your body when you aren’t happy about how it looks. What about a problem that is inside of you that needs to be rejuvenated? We’re talking about the most intimate part of your body. As a woman, you may not put a lot of thought into your vaginal health until you notice a problem. If you are not enjoying intimacy like you did in your younger years, sexual rejuvenation could help you.

Why Choose Sexual Rejuvenation?

Your vaginal tissues may need some extra attention. They are delicate and can become damaged over time. You may have small tears in the tissue, a lack of lubrication, or your tissues may become thinner over time. If you had children, this part of your body may not have snapped back the way it should have once you healed completely. Aging can also affect your sensitivity. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you may find that intimacy is painful or lacks the amount of pleasure you used to experience. Sexual rejuvenation can fix the problem.

What Does Sexual Rejuvenation Involve?

You can take various approaches for sexual rejuvenation. You can choose to have radiofrequency energy applied to the tissues of your vagina through a special device, or you can have an injection of PRP to the affected tissues. PRP is platelet-rich plasma that can be taken from a sample of your blood. Each of these methods can rejuvenate your vaginal tissues by stimulating the production of new cells. Your circulation can increase, making this part of your body more sensitive again. Treatments for sexual rejuvenation can also restore elasticity to the delicate tissues of your vagina. In the end, you can enjoy a heightened experience when you are intimate. You can have improved lubrication and achieve orgasms more easily after sexual rejuvenation.

Ask an Expert About Sexual Rejuvenation

Schedule a consultation at Formula Wellness Center to find out if sexual rejuvenation will work for you. After your treatment, you should notice an improvement when it comes to intimacy and feminine health. We have offices in Park Cities, Fort Worth, and Uptown. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!

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