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The Benefits of Concierge Wellness

The Concierge Wellness Program is designed to help people with chronic problems like insomnia, migraines, low libido, low energy, difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly, or difficulty losing weight. Benefits of the Concierge Wellness Program include the following:

• 24/7 phone access to a physician
• Discounts on supplements, FITSHOT® injections, and I.V. therapy
• Customized wellness, nutrition, and exercise plans

The Concierge Wellness Program will help the patient achieve optimal health.

How Does It Work?

A Concierge Wellness Plan is customized to suit the patient’s needs. The doctor’s first step will thus be to determine what those needs are. A patient with chronic migraines will need a different Program than one who is struggling to lose weight.

In most cases, the doctor will have the patient complete the New Patient Package, which is essentially a very extensive physical. It includes blood tests, an EKG, and a body composition scan. The latter indicates how much of the patient’s body is fat and how much is muscle. The patient will typically undergo a body composition scan every month.

The New Patient Package also includes tests of the patient’s resting metabolic rate or how many calories they need on a day they don’t exercise. This information will help the doctor make recommendations regarding the patient’s diet and exercise regime. The Cardio-Max test enables the doctor to determine how well the patient’s body will respond to exercise and how healthy their arteries are.

After completing the tests, the patient will have their first consultation with a doctor, who will recommend any needed changes to the patient’s lifestyle, diet, or exercise regime. Patients who sign up for the Concierge Wellness Program will also be able to visit their doctor once a month to discuss any questions or concerns.

Why Do People Need Injections of Certain Nutrients?

Many people, especially as they get older, have trouble absorbing certain nutrients. Vitamin B12 is a common example; many people lose the ability to effectively absorb Vitamin B12 from food as they age, so they need to get it from a supplement. Some patients can’t absorb the vitamin from a supplement taken orally, so they need periodic injections. People with conditions such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease by definition have trouble properly absorbing certain nutrients, so they also often need injections.

What is a FITSHOT®?

A FITSHOT® is one of any several treatments designed to supply the patient with nutrients their body isn’t effectively absorbing. A FITSHOT® can be administered as an I.V. or an intramuscular injection. A FITSHOT® can include Vitamin B12, certain amino acids, or the amino acids combined with compounds that promote weight loss.

Get In Touch with Us to Find Out More

To learn more about the benefits of the Concierge Wellness Program, we cordially welcome you to reach out and make an appointment with Formula Wellness. At our convenient locations in University Park and Fort Worth, our friendly team of professionals will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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