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Treating Hair Loss via PRP Therapy

You used to sport the most awesome head of hair. It was thick, dark and very attractive. Sometimes girls would ask you if they could run their fingers through it, and you did not at all mind the attention it brought you. But one day, out of the blue, you started noticing your hair was falling out. What began with a few strands here or there quickly grew into a more aggressive form of hair loss. To be such an attractive guy and look a problem like this in the face was not your idea of a good situation. It was not long before a significant portion of your scalp was showing. You tried to prevent the strands of hair falling out by using Minoxidil, but you knew this was just a temporary fix. The minute you stopped using this treatment, your hair was going to resume falling out, and it would inevitably continue to produce the pattern of baldness that it had started forming until it reached completion. As you were lamenting the loss of your attractive hair, your dad called you to tell you about the amazing results he was getting from having PRP therapy done on his own scalp. Intrigued by the fact that he said his own hair was now growing back, you knew you had to find out more about how this treatment option worked.

Using PRP Therapy

When it comes to simple approaches to hair restoration, there are few procedures as easy to perform as those using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). A PRP injection is derived from the growth factors found inside your own blood. Basically, a doctor will draw a small amount of blood to be used in the procedure. This blood will be placed in a centrifuge. While the blood is spinning up, the red and white blood cells will separate from the plasma. This plasma is then used as an injectable substance that gets applied directly to bald regions of your scalp. Once the area of your scalp is numbed and the injection is complete, the PRP preparation goes to work repairing and stimulating the follicles to regrow your own hair. When PRP therapy is combined with other techniques, such as stem cell therapy, this can produce an even better result.

The Recovery Time

PRP therapy very safe as a procedure and the recovery time needed is next to nothing. You can basically go about your business as usual after having the PRP injections. This minimally invasive procedure pretty much speaks for itself, and it produces results that have caused it to become a popular option in the hair restoration industry. If you are ready to get your attractive hair back, there is no time like the present. To speak with one of our hair restoration specialists, we invite you to make an appointment with Formula Wellness. At our convenient location in University Park, Fort Worth, and uptown Dallas, our professionals will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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