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Take Your Vitamins with IV Therapy

IV therapy

You know that improving your health depends heavily on how you eat. Your body simply needs sufficient nutrients to perform all the many tasks it goes through on a moment by moment basis. Some of these nutrients get depleted faster than others, and it is essential to replace them through your diet. Unfortunately, too many people follow diets that are more nutrient deficient than nutrient dense. In an attempt to compensate for this problem, you may try to take oral vitamins to keep up with your body’s needs. Still, you have started to feel, over time, that your energy is slipping. You notice that you are not performing as well as you used to either. This could be because you are not actually getting the nutrients you think you should be getting from the vitamins you are taking. As things continue to go downhill, it starts to make you wonder if the vitamins you are taking are worth it—especially if they cannot make you feel on top of your game anymore. In all honesty, your reasoning is good, but your approach may be a little wrong. In fact, you may need to try a better approach to improve the nutrient density that your body so desperately needs. IV therapy can help you to do this in a far more effective way.

The Problem with Oral Vitamin Supplementation

When you started taking oral vitamins, you were getting enough to meet your body’s needs at first. Unfortunately, the problem is that your digestive system can get a little fickle when it comes to absorbing vitamins. Often your liver will take the vitamins you are supplementing with and treat them like waste that needs to be removed out of the body. When that happens, it is like tossing cash in the trash to continue supplementing with an oral form of a multivitamin. In some situations, oral vitamins can even upset your stomach, but all this is completely unnecessary.

Taking your vitamins through IV therapy means that you can bypass the problems you are facing with your digestive system altogether. By directly introducing the vitamins into your bloodstream, you are receiving 100-percent of the vitamins you take through IV therapy. Plus, in situations where you need to take a more concentrated dose, it is far easier to do this with IV therapy than through oral vitamin supplementation.

Improved Performance

If you start taking vitamins through IV therapy, you will undoubtedly feel your energy return in a major way. This is because critical vitamins are actually making it to the cells that most need them. With an increase in energy comes an increase in performance; thus, making it far easier to get through a tough work week.

If you think your body could benefit from taking vitamins through IV therapy, then now is the time to reach out to the team at Formula Wellness Center, located in Fort Worth and Park Cities. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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