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Benefits of PRP/Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth

PRPstem cell therapy

There’s nothing that zaps your confidence more than hair loss. When you first start to notice thinning hair or an incipient bald spot, you immediately start trying to hide your scalp with hats and creative hairstyles. And when that doesn’t work, you turn to shampoos and serums that promise to restore your locks. But the truth is that once you start losing your hair, no amount of hats or shampoos can help. What you need is an all-natural treatment that gets at the root of the problem. There are many benefits of PRP/stem cell therapy for hair regrowth, and when paired together, these two treatments can reverse your hair loss!

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a therapy that uses your own blood in order to rejuvenate your scalp and promote hair growth. For this treatment, we start with a routine blood draw. After being placed inside of a centrifuge, your blood will be separated into its different parts. What we want is your platelet-rich plasma, because this part of your blood contains healing proteins called growth factors as well as white blood cells. We will then create a serum, which then will be injected into your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

The goal of PRP is to rejuvenate your damaged or non-producing hair follicles. With the influx of growth factor and white blood cells, these hair follicles will be brought back to life and will begin growing hair once again. Stem cells are special cells that can help trigger the reproduction of other cells in the body that are old or have become damaged. Once injected into your scalp, these stem cells will stimulate more cell growth, which will then prompt your hair follicles to work like they did before and produce new hair growth.

The benefit of pairing PRP and stem cell therapy is that you get double the benefits. Not only will your hair follicles be infused with platelet-rich plasma but they will be supercharged with stem cells as well.

Contact Us for Further Information

The other benefit of PRP/stem cell therapy is that both procedures are all-natural and prompt your own hair to grow. That means no unwelcome scars or unnatural-looking hair plugs. When you are ready to experience the benefits of PRP/stem cell therapy for hair regrowth, reach out and make an appointment with Formula Wellness! At our convenient locations in University Park and Fort Worth, our devoted and experienced professionals will be eager to explain the process in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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