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Stimulate Your Sexual Health with the O-Shot!


It is actually pretty amazing to think about how much human beings reference sexual activity in popular culture and yet how little solid information is out there for the public to take in. It seems that a lot of people are far more comfortable making jokes about sexual health than they are about learning the reality behind it. Today, we want to help you learn more about something called the O-Shot®.

Better Sensation for Women

The O-Shot® is a newer treatment that many women are starting to get to boost their sex life. It has the simple but pleasurable effect of increasing sensitivity in the vaginal canal and even in boosting the odds that a woman will have an orgasm. You may have already guessed, but the “O” in O-Shot® stands for orgasm.

Many women feel that they need to have an experience in bed that involves them being able to feel more of the sensations of sex than what they are able to under normal conditions. Thus, they turn to the O-Shot® for a little help in that area.

What is So Special About the O-Shot®?

The nice thing about the O-Shot® is that it uses some of the natural chemistry of the body to reach its goals. Basically, it uses platelet-rich plasma to help bolster sensitivity in certain parts of the body (namely the vagina). This substance comes from your own blood, making it a natural treatment.

The benefits to one’s sex life cannot be overstated when it comes to the O-Shot®, but you should also know that it may be able to help with urinary issues as well. Some users have reported that various vaginal issues have gone away thanks to this treatment.

If you are interested in stimulating your sexual health, make an appointment at Formula Wellness Center so that you can learn more information about the O-Shot®. We have offices located in Fort Worth and University Park. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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