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Target Unwanted and Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

If you have been working out like crazy and following the healthiest diet that you know yet are not seeing the results that you want on your body, you may be dealing with areas of stubborn fat. This fat does not respond to normal weight loss methods because of genetics, hormones or your unique body type. However, you do not have to give up on losing this fat. With CoolSculpting® you can target unwanted and stubborn fat, permanently sculpting your body to your desired shape.

Do You Have Stubborn Pockets of Fat?

Stubborn pockets of fat tend to deposit themselves in certain areas of the body. One of the most noticeable locations is the abdomen where fat accumulates, particularly after massive weight loss or following childbirth. Other major problem areas for both men and women include the love handles, hips and thighs. CoolSculpting® can be used in all of these larger areas as well as in a variety of smaller problem areas, such as the back, upper arms and chin. We target each of these areas with special applicators particularly sized for that body part.

Are You Looking for an Easy, Non-Invasive Treatment?

CoolSculpting® applicators are completely non-invasive. CoolSculpting® is a fast and easy treatment that requires no downtime and no time off work for recovery. In fact, you can return to all your usual activities as soon as your treatment is completed.

Do You Want Permanent Results?

With CoolSculpting®, you can experience dramatic results that sculpt beautiful curves across your body. Plus, your treatment results will be permanent as long as you continue to care for your body well. Once your fat cells are frozen and destroyed, your body cannot make new fat cells. As long as you eat a healthy diet with the right amount of calories for your body size and exercise regularly, you can expect to see your curves stay around permanently. However, if you overeat or give up working out, your remaining fat cells can become larger.

CoolSculpting® at Formula Wellness in University Park and Fort Worth, TX can create amazing results across your body. With a series of treatments in the same area, you can expect to see reduction in the fat cells in that area. This can result in an amazingly sculpted body that leaves you feeling confident in your body shape. With fresh levels of self-esteem and a better self-image, you can feel better about yourself wherever you go. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation!

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