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Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

When you are overweight, weight loss is essential to protect your overall health from the problems caused by obesity. If you are struggling to lose weight, then there are several tricks and tips that you can use to improve your chances of losing the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

Understand Portion Sizes

Learning how to measure your food portions correctly is one of the most important ways to control your intake of calories. Today, food product manufacturers and restaurants have given people the wrong idea about portions sizes. You are accustomed to eating huge hamburgers and steaks along with large containers of french fries.

If you do have a dark leafy green salad with chopped vegetables, then you might slather it with half a bottle of fatty salad dressing. It is essential to understand the portion sizes of foods to lose weight, so you should use measuring cups and spoons while preparing meals at home. You can also use visual clues to help you control portions such as remembering that a serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards or that a serving of pasta is the size of your fist.

Plan Your Daily Menus

Rather than shopping randomly for groceries and grazing on anything that is in your kitchen, plan your daily menus to include three nutritious meals each day. You can also have a snack between meals when you include it as part of your total daily calories. It is important to balance your meals with an assortment of foods such as eggs, fruits and vegetables. Avoid any silly crash diets that restrict you to eating only one food such as cabbage or cottage cheese.

Choose low-fat proteins along with whole-grain bread or pasta so that you are receiving enough nutrients to stay energized. After you have your menus, you can shop carefully for groceries while also considering your budget. Monitor your weight loss by weighing yourself once a week instead of checking it each day.

Monitor Your Liquid Calories

While you might control your intake of food, if you consume too many liquid calories, then you will not lose weight. If you are drinking fancy coffee drinks that contain cream, then the beverage may have hundreds of calories. When you drink soft drinks throughout the day, you might be consuming thousands of empty calories. Additional beverages that contain high levels of calories include fruit juices, sport drinks and regular milk.

If you drink caffeinated or sugary beverages, then you will likely have intense cravings as you switch to healthier beverages such as plain water or low-fat milk. However, if you can tolerate the cravings for a few days, then after you stop drinking the high-calorie beverages, you will begin to notice a significant weight loss without making a lot of effort.

If you are interested in learning more ways you can accomplish weight loss, contact our office today to schedule your consultation! Formula Wellness is conveniently located in Fort Worth and University Park, TX.

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