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Weight Loss: The Two Components of a Great Formula

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics of the decade. It seems there is always some new diet trend hitting markets, a new magic weight loss pill, or some workout device that is supposed to change your life forever. While all of this stuff may help you with your weight loss goals, there really is only two components to a successful weight loss formula. These two components are following a healthy diet and doing the right amount of physical activity each day. At Formula Wellness Center we offer our weight loss program to help you achieve your goals. It’s not just another diet.  

Following a Healthy Diet

There are a lot of misconceptions about dieting. The first one is that you have to “go on a diet.” When you think about it, what does that even mean? We are all on a diet. A diet is simply what you eat on a regular basis. Instead of just “going on a diet”, aim to change your current diet to a healthier one.

Keep in mind that fad diets may be successful in the short-term but an overwhelming number of people gain the weight back as soon as they go off of the fad diet. This is because eating healthy is a lifelong commitment. Fad diets cause you to have to make radical changes that are unsustainable in the long run. If you commit to eating a healthy, sustainable diet for the rest of your life, you’ll lose weight easily and safely, and you will be more likely to keep the weight off.

Doing the Right Amount of Physical Activity

The word exercise can be intimidating. It can invoke images of struggling to breath while doing some really hard body weight exercise or being embarrassed in a gym full of fit people. While certain types of exercises do have their specific benefits and traditional exercise is probably the best way to lose weight, physical activity doesn’t always have to equate to what people consider exercise.

As long as your body is moving and burning calories, this is considered physical activity. Of course, the rate of physical activity makes a difference. You could be cooking in your kitchen — your body is moving and burning calories — but this isn’t enough physical activity to make a difference. You need to do things that will raise your heart rate in order for it to make a difference with your weight loss. Walking briskly, gardening, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator are all examples of everyday activities that can count for your physical activity.


When considering weight loss, you should always consult with professionals before embarking on such a huge change by yourself. Our programs can help you achieve your goals. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation! Formula Wellness Center has two locations in University Park and Fort Worth, TX.

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