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Food Sensitivity Testing: What Can I Learn?

There are so many types of foods out there. It is assumed that all foods are good for us as long as they are natural. This is not always the case. Consider how many different people there are with different genetic backgrounds and body specifics. This explains why eating certain foods makes someone feel heavy or bloated while it does not affect others.

Luckily, food sensitivity testing exists. You can get a food sensitivity testing consultation and know just what you need to cut out of your diet to ease your body and improve your overall health. Even conditions that had no explanation can suddenly begin to disappear.

Food sensitivities can manifest as acne, irritable bowel syndrome, canker sores, itchy skin, or other allergy-like symptoms that have no other reasonable explanation. Unlike food allergy tests, food sensitivity tests will measure the way your body reacts for days or even weeks after you eat a certain food. This will make sure that any effects from foods are properly diagnosed.

The foods you are sensitive to will show up on a good quality food sensitivity test. The foods that will show up first on the test are usually the one that you eat most often. If these foods cause inflammation in your body, it is best to take them out of your diet as soon as possible.

Food sensitivity testing measures the antibodies that are created after eating a particular food. It can track antibodies that are released for weeks after a particular food is eaten that are not found with food allergy tests.

With food sensitivity testing, you can not only find out which foods to avoid, but also learn the severity of your leaky gut condition. Once you have the list of foods that you should avoid eating, you will be more clear and motivated about changing your diet in the most optimal way for your health. Once the body is freed from its food-induced inflammation, it can begin to heal the leaky gut and other organs in the body.

Food sensitivities are something that should be taken out of the equation towards the path of great health and recovery. After this, you will feel much better and more rejuvenated than before. To learn more about food sensitivity testing, contact Formula Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation! We are conveniently located in Fort Worth and University Park, TX.

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