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Understand Your Relationship with Foods via Food Allergy Testing

The importance of knowing what you are allergic too cannot be stressed enough. In fact, in many situations, knowing what your allergies are can be life-saving. Allergy screening is the only way to be sure about your allergic reactions (without the dangerous trial-and-error method, of course). Food allergies are extremely easy to get tested for. Everyone should have food allergy testing done, ensuring that they know which foods are dangerous and which ones are safe.

The food allergy testing process consists of taking food extracts and dropping it on the skin. A small prick is then made on the skin, allowing the extract to seep into the skin. The test is safe, and it will let you know which allergies you have in a quick, easy way. Blood tests are also used to determine which allergies you have. However, this is generally not preferred because it takes 2 to 3 weeks for results to come back.

Both of these tests are efficient in determining which foods you are allergic to. Despite their effectiveness, sometimes a person will come back positive for allergies, yet when they eat these foods no symptoms are seen. This doesn’t mean the tests are wrong; it just means that your allergy is not strong enough to show real symptoms.

Some Allergies aren’t as Apparent
Some people may believe they don’t need to be tested for allergies because they already know what they are allergic to. For example, peanuts are a common allergy, and it is very apparent when you are allergic to peanuts. Your skin will break out in rashes, you will experience swelling, or sometimes you will feel very fatigued, but sometimes symptoms will never appear. Just because symptoms don’t appear now it doesn’t mean they won’t appear later in life. It is best to know what you are allergic to now. You will be able to avoid surprise reactions, which could result in injury or death.

Pinpointing your Suspicions

You may be experiencing a reaction to something you are eating but have no idea what is causing the reaction. Your doctor may have just as much trouble finding out what exactly you are allergic to. Perhaps it is a food that isn’t normally tested for, or perhaps rather than a food, it is an additive in your food you are reacting to.

A doctor may put you on a special diet, attempting to single out what is making you react. You will have to tell your doctor what your suspicions are, and he will place you on a diet that eliminates the suspected allergens. If symptoms stop getting worse during this dieting period, it will narrow down the possibilities, eventually telling you exactly what you are allergic to. This trial and error method is a last resort, only being used when no other solutions can be found through traditional food allergy testing.

If you are interested in food allergy testing for yourself or your child, contact Formula Wellness today to schedule your consultation! We are conveniently located in University Park and Fort Worth, TX.

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