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Promote Healing and Growth with PRP Therapy

PRP therapy

Injury recovery and hair loss are often not discussed simultaneously, but that is because most individuals would not put their healing in the same category. If you have experienced hair loss due to genetics, age, or alopecia, or if you are working with an injury that will not heal, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may be able to help you. If you decide you would like to promote healing and growth with PRP therapy, here are just some of the many benefits for you to expect.

1) PRP boosts your body’s existing healing process by attracting additional healing properties toward the injury site. It is almost as if PRP flags down all passing platelets to help get your body up and running smoothly again.

2) If you are considering PRP therapy, you likely care about what you put into your body each day. PRP utilizes platelets that are derived from your body, making this therapy an all-natural process that you can be proud to have done.

3) PRP works to regenerate hair growth and heal hair follicles. By getting to the root of the problem, you can rest assured that PRP will get your hairline back to normal relatively quickly. PRP is one of the best options for hair restoration because it also helps hair to grow back thicker, fuller, and smoother.

4) Injuries sometimes lead to severe pain. If you have been doing your best to endure the lasting impacts of your injury without the use of addictive opiates, PRP is a great option for pain relief that is not habit-forming.

5) Recovering from an accidental or sports-related injury may mean prolonged recovery times and physical therapy. PRP can help to eliminate the need for physical therapy and may help to reduce the time necessary for you to go through the process of recovery.

PRP therapy is a breakthrough treatment that is proven to promote healing, growth, and restoration of hair, muscle, bones, ligaments, and skin. If you are doing your best to manage hair loss or pain stemming from an accidental or sports-related injury, consider platelet-rich plasma as part of your treatment plan.

Consult our experts at Formula Wellness Center to learn more about this treatment. We have locations in University Park and Fort Worth and happily serve clients in the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more!

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