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What are Concierge Wellness Programs?

concierge wellness programs

The medical landscape is changing in radical ways. As modern medicine pushes forward into what is rapidly becoming the future of medicine, new approaches to how doctors and patients engage each other are taking form. Much of this change results from improvements both in medicine and technology. Putting these two factors together has made it possible for many doctors to introduce concierge wellness programs that are proving to be more beneficial to patients than older patient care models used to be. As more doctors enter the medical field, it has become attractive for many of these medical professionals to join the trend of moving in the direction of offering concierge wellness programs too. When a healthcare approach benefits both the doctor and the patient, it is difficult to ignore the kinds of positive outcomes that such an approach can produce across the board. The following are just a few of the benefits of concierge wellness programs that benefit doctors and patients alike.

Fewer Patients

One of the problems with the old standardized models of healthcare arises from doctors seeing literally hundreds, if not thousands, of patients in their practice. This can create a huge administration nightmare for the office staff that runs support for the doctor behind the scenes. Keeping track of that many patients, even with practice management software, can be a daunting task — especially when there are simply too many patients to keep up with on a regular basis. It is common for patients to fall through the cracks when a practice is left trying to service too many patients at one time. Plus, this can make it difficult for patients to even get a timely appointment on their end; thus, creating poor quality service and a negative patient experience from the patient’s perspective.

Longer Appointments

One thing that is immediately noticeable with concierge wellness programs is the reduced wait times in the doctor’s office. Since a doctor offering concierge wellness programs will have a reduced patient load, their patients will not be stuck waiting for numerous other patients to go ahead of them. Appointment schedules are spaced out far enough to ensure that a patient will see their doctor more quickly upon arrival, and have more time to spend with the doctor in their office. This gives the doctor and the patient a longer timeframe to develop a better relationship, it gives the doctor time to cover the patient’s medical history in detail, and it gives the patient more time to ask relevant questions to obtain thoughtful answers from their doctor.

After Hours Communication

Many doctors offering concierge style wellness programs typically reserve time to receive after hours inbound communication from their smaller patient base. This could be anything from phone calls and text messages to responding to email inquiries. This way, patients have the ability to keep in touch with their doctor with concerns and questions that pertain to their healthcare needs. Doctors who operate standard medical practices, having far more patients to service, will find it more difficult to keep up with a larger patient volume in this capacity by comparison. This is why more doctors and patients are finding that concierge wellness programs are preferred over less personalized approaches to healthcare.

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