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PRP Therapy for Joints

For you, it’s a struggle to get out of bed every morning. Your joints are so sore and stiff that you can barely move. They loosen up some during the day, but never enough to move freely. How you long for the days when you didn’t have to think about moving, when you didn’t dread it. You’ve steered clear from prescription medications because you don’t want them to control your life, but you are getting close to the end of your rope. Before you break down and ask for that prescription, consider PRP therapy for joints.

Your Own Blood Could Improve Your Quality of Life

PRP therapy, otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a treatment that uses the platelets that are harvested from your own blood supply in order to improve your joint health. Researchers are learning more each day about the positive impact of PRP on the body and its restorative properties. PRP is naturally a part of your blood. It contains growth factors, and these growth factors repair damage in your body. When you choose to have PRP therapy for joints, concentrated amounts of PRP will be directed exactly where you need it to go.

How Does PRP Therapy for Joints Work?

The first step is to have a sample of blood taken. Once your blood sample has been drawn, it will need to be separated into its parts. Once we have your PRP, it will be prepared to be injected into your joints that have been most affected by arthritis, illness, or injury. Your injections will help your body to start repairing itself. As the PRP goes to work, you can begin to feel less pain. Your cartilage production can increase and you can expect improved lubrication for your joints as well. PRP therapy for joints is a natural solution that can help you to deal with joint pain, improving your quality of life.

Learn More About PRP Therapy

The struggle with your joints has gone on long enough. It’s time to find a solution that will work for you, something that will help you to move more freely and find relief from the pain that has been your companion for years. Find out how this innovative treatment can benefit you by contacting us at Formula Wellness Center in University Park. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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