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Why Opt for Food Allergy Testing in University Park?

You think that you might be experiencing an allergic reaction to certain foods in your diet. The problem is that you are not sure which foods are causing the allergic reaction. You could try to self-diagnose the particular food allergy, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to easily figure out which foods are causing you to experience allergic reactions. For this reason, it is best to get food allergy testing in University Park.

Your Medical History

When being evaluated, we will want to take your medical history to help gain insight into what might be going on with your situation before jumping to do a bunch of tests. Sometimes a thorough medical history will reveal that the problem you are exhibiting is not actually being caused by an allergy. In other cases, your medical history can help to isolate what food allergies might be causing your symptoms.

The Trial Elimination Diet

A trial elimination diet works by removing suspected foods that cause allergic reactions out of your diet for two to four weeks to see if your symptoms go away. In many cases, we will want to slowly integrate the suspected foods back into your diet in search of a reaction occurring. If introducing a food back into your diet causes you to have an allergic reaction, then that allergen-producing food is recorded and removed from your diet again to allow for other foods to be tested.

Blood Test

A blood test in University Park will not give an immediate result like other types of food allergy testing options. However, it will look for evidence of Immunoglobulin E (IG E) antibodies in your blood in reaction to various foods.

If you suspect that you could benefit from food allergy testing, get in touch with us at Formula Wellness Center in University Park. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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