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Getting the O-Shot in University Park

You are aggravated and embarrassed. You’re dealing with issues that affect your most sensitive area in your body. It’s your vagina, and it’s an important part of your overall well-being. It’s not only about sexual performance. When you are experiencing problems down below, it can make you feel uncomfortable all the time. You might notice that you’ve lost lubrication. Chronic dryness in your most intimate part of the body can lead to irritation. This can make it feel like you have a urinary tract infection when tests prove that isn’t the case. You may also find that you have lost sensitivity when you are sexually intimate. These troubling symptoms are typical as you go through all of life’s changes. Problems with vaginal wellness are common. The O-Shot® at our office in University Park could turn your situation around.

What Can the O-Shot® Do for You?

The O-Shot® can improve your vaginal health and sensitivity by tapping into the potential of your own blood. We will draw a blood sample in order to break it down into its various parts. The part that you need is the PRP, the abbreviation for platelet-rich plasma. This substance is running through your blood all the time. It’s always at work. It’s rich in growth factors. When cells break down, you have an injury, or you have a wound, PRP is the repair crew that goes to work to take care of any damages.

When you have the O-Shot®, a highly concentrated amount of PRP will be injected into your vagina. The PRP will increase the production of healthy cells and collagen to replace damaged tissue. Your circulation will improve as well. You’ll notice that the tissue is tightening up. You’ll feel improved sensitivity. Your lubrication should improve as well. As dryness goes way, so will irritation. It’s a simple procedure that is natural and effective. If you are ready to give your vaginal health a boost, the O-Shot® could be the answer for you.

Learn More About the O-Shot® in University Park

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for the O-Shot® is to set up your first visit with our team at Formula Wellness Center in University Park. Contact us today for a consultation!/contact-us/


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