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Am I a Good Candidate for Stretch Mark Treatment in University Park?

Stretch marks, more formally called striae, are streaks on the skin. They most commonly develop on the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts. They are painless and harmless, but many people in University Park dislike the way they make their skin look. As such, they seek stretch mark treatment in order to remove them.

Stretch marks are believed to be caused by the skin being stretched. They are most likely to develop after a rapid change in weight, such as that which accompanies pregnancy or a growth spurt. Women are more likely to develop stretch marks than are men. A tendency to developing stretch marks can run in families. Some medical conditions, like Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome, can increase the chances of somebody developing stretch marks. Breast augmentation procedures and corticosteroid medications can also increase the likelihood of developing stretch marks.

What Do Stretch Marks Look Like?

Stretch marks vary widely in appearance, and that appearance can depend on the stretch mark’s location and cause. The appearance is also affected by the patient’s skin type and how long they’ve had the stretch marks. Stretch marks can, thus, look like any of the following:

• Pink, red, purple, blue or black streaks
• Bright streaks that gradually become paler
• Pale indented streaks

Stretch marks can be localized, or they can cover large parts of the body.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a technology used to treat stretch marks and cellulite. Made by Zimmer Aesthetics, the handpiece emits a type of sound wave called “high-energy radial shockwaves,” which European doctors have been using since the 1980s.

Like other energies, the high-energy radial shockwaves harmlessly pass through the skin to reach the underlying tissues. There, they stimulate the production of collagen and, thus, help tighten the skin. The shockwaves also increase blood flow, strengthen connective tissues, and help stimulate the production of new skin cells.

The ideal candidate for this stretch mark treatment will in overall good health and have realistic expectations. They should also be at a healthy weight.

What is Fractora?

Fractora is a technology made by the company InMode. It is used for fractional skin resurfacing. The handheld device contains several rows of pins that emit radiofrequency energy. The pins penetrate the skin and create channels through which the radiofrequency energy travels to reach the underlying tissues. The process stimulates the skin’s healing processes, just as the radiofrequency energy stimulates the production of collagen. As such, it can be used as a stretch mark treatment.

Are you interested in stretch mark treatment? Contact us today at Formula Wellness Center in University Park to schedule a consultation and learn more about your treatment options!

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