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How F-WAVE Therapy Can Help With Sexual Rejuvenation

Your ability to have sex was amazing long back in your 20s. You can still remember the ease at which you were able to obtain and maintain an erection. It was a wild time that you wish you could return to and enjoy once again. Now that you are approaching your mid-50s, you have found that your penis really does not work the way it used to work. Luckily, there are an array of treatment options for sexual rejuvenation, including F-WAVE therapy.

Treatment Options

In an attempt to regain control over the situation, you started using medications that help with ED. While these medications help to remedy the problem in part, you still have to plan to have sex ahead of time. Penis pumps and other devices produce some level of mild improvement, but they do not always guarantee your results will be favorable. While these sexual rejuvenation treatment options may provide some degree of improvement or ability for sexual function, they do not address the pathophysiology of the erectile mechanism.

F-WAVE Therapy

F-WAVE therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that targets the deep tissues of the male sexual organs in an attempt to rejuvenate the way they operate. Also referred to as shockwaves (SWS), F-WAVEs are a type of acoustic energy waves and they can produce positive effects in the male sexual organs that last for many weeks, rather than for only a few short hours. More specifically, F-WAVE is a 20-minute treatment that uses shock therapy to build new blood vessels, enhancing your sex life and eliminating issues of ED.

While this is not a permanent solution, only lasting for many weeks, it is long lasting and does not require planning as with ED medications. This means you will have more freedom when trying to be sexually active than with pills used to control ED. In turn, you can feel confident once again knowing that you have a significant amount of control over when you choose to become intimate.

Schedule an appointment today or talk to one of our team members at Formula Wellness in University Park, TX. Our team proudly offers F-WAVE therapy for sexual rejuvenation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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