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Don’t Let Frown Lines Get You Down – Try Dysport in University Park!

There are certain types of wrinkles that just cause you to look old. Then there are other types of wrinkles that not only cause you to look old, but they also make you look angry, tired, and worn out. Frown lines would definitely be in the second category. If frown lines are getting you down, we invite you to try Dysport® at our office in University Park.

Having deep frown lines can cause others to perceive something about you that is not really true. Some who have frown lines often have others ask them if they are grumpy or upset. They may feel that they do not look as approachable as they used to. No one wants to be viewed in this way. Thankfully, Dysport® is a great way to remedy this problem.

Dysport® works by relaxing the muscles in the forehead that cause the frown lines. When the muscles are able to relax, the skin on the forehead and between the eyebrows is able to smooth out. Not only is this going to make you look younger and refreshed, but it is going to make you look happier and more approachable as well.

Individuals who use Dysport® here in our University Park office notice cosmetic benefits just days after they have the product injected. They wonder why they did not have the treatment done sooner, especially considering how easy and quick the treatment is.

One of the things that people in University Park appreciate about Dysport® is the fact that the results are going to be subtle. You are definitely going to notice an improvement in your appearance, but it is not likely that your friends or coworkers will know exactly what happened. For example, you will likely hear your coworkers tell you that you look more rested and happier. This is great for individuals who do not want to discuss the fact that they have had a cosmetic treatment.

If you have frown lines and you are interested in doing something about them, you are welcome to schedule a consultation with us at Formula Wellness Center in University Park. We would be happy to tell you more about Dysport® and the other aesthetic treatments that we offer. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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