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Fight Frown Lines with Dysport in University Park, TX

Many individuals in their late 20’s and early 30’s fight frown lines and the other signs of aging using at-home treatments. They will purchase a variety of skin care products that promise to help them maintain youthful-looking skin. However, no matter how expensive the skin care products are or how well a person takes care of their skin, there will come a point when at-home treatments just no longer do the job. Something more is needed. If you are at this point, we invite you to learn how you can fight frown lines with Dysport in University Park, TX.

Dysport is just one of the tools that we have available to help individuals who are looking to get that little bit of extra help to minimize their frown lines and treat other dynamic wrinkles. The great thing about this product is that it gets to the root of the problem. It is directly injected into the muscles that are causing you to have frown lines. It is not a topical treatment that goes just skin deep.

If this is your first time looking at a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment, you may wonder what a treatment session will be like. The first thing that you will need to do is go through a consultation with one of our experts, who will consider your medical history and closely examine your frown lines. We want to make sure that this is the best match for your particular needs. This initial consultation is a great time for you to ask questions about Dysport and the results you can expect from it.

After the injections are given, you are free to go about all normal activities. You do not have to worry about resting or recovery. If you notice a bit of irritation near the injection sites, you can apply a bit of makeup in order to cover it.

You can expect natural-looking results from Dysport injections at our office in University Park, TX. You do not have to worry about having a frozen face or an inability to make facial expressions. The results are subtle.

If you need help fighting frown lines, you are warmly invited to schedule a consultation at Formula Wellness Center in University Park, TX. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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