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Restore Balance with Hormone Replacement Therapy in University Park

If you have been experiencing any combination of mood swings, depression, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, low libido, or inexplicable weight gain, you may be experiencing the symptoms commonly associated with a hormone imbalance. Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy is available in University Park.

Hormones are a major part of what stabilize our moods, our libidos, and our every-day physical health. Unfortunately, hormone loss may occur at any stage in life for numerous reasons. The causes for hormone imbalances may include menopause, thyroid function issues, a hysterectomy, childbirth, or any number of other possible causes. Whatever the cause of your hormone imbalance, you may be left feeling less and less like yourself with each passing day. Luckily, you can restore balance with hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy replaces hormones that your body naturally produces. Which exact treatment method prescribed will depend on what our team feels is the best method for your unique health history and your current set of symptoms. If you have been pondering which treatment methods will best help to cope with the symptoms of hormone loss, there are a few ways that you could restore balance with hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy in University Park may assist in increasing your libido. As we age, hormone level changes may cause our libido to dip. If you have been feeling less in the mood than you have before, hormone loss may be the underlying cause. Through hormone replacement therapy, you may see an uptick in your libido, a decrease in erectile dysfunction, and lessened vaginal dryness.

Menopause and hysterectomies may cause hot flashes, depression, fatigue, and weight gain due to the associated hormone losses you may experience. If this is the case for you, hormone replacement may help to curb these symptoms and help you to regain the feelings you had before menopause hit or prior to your hysterectomy.

Low hormone levels may cause an array of problems, including fatigue, low libido, mood swings, and an inability to lose weight. If you are dealing with any symptoms that are associated with hormone loss, consider reaching out to our team at Formula Wellness Center to discuss your treatment options. If you are a good candidate, hormone replacement therapy may help you to restore balance. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in University Park!

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