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Refresh Your Feminine Wellness with Sexual Rejuvenation in University Park

Your sexual health and wellness are integral parts of how you feel about yourself as a woman. As you age, your sexual health changes as a result of the natural aging process on your internal and external sexual tissues and as a result of hormonal changes as well. You may also notice distinct changes after you have had a child. Your vagina may be more stretched out, and you may have lost some of your sexual desire. However, your desire for intimacy and your comfort level during sexual intercourse are not things that have to decrease over time. Instead, when you choose our sexual rejuvenation treatments for women at Formula Wellness Center in University Park, you can experience renewed rejuvenation in that area as well as more confidence sexually.

We offer multiple treatments for feminine sexual rejuvenation. One option is the O-Shot, which is sometimes called the orgasm shot. This treatment provides results that last for quite a while, and it can give you more pleasure during sexual intercourse. This is a non-surgical solution that only requires a simple blood draw and a re-injection of your own platelets into your vaginal tissues. Therefore, you will be awake for the entire procedure and will not have to plan on downtime before you can return to your usual activities.

This all-natural solution to sexual wellness makes use of PRP, or platelet rich plasma, which you may have heard of being used in many other areas of the body in the past. When injected into your vaginal tissues, your own platelets will go to work in the area. We can use the O-Shot to improve vaginal health, give you better orgasms and improve your natural lubrication.

Another treatment that can improve vaginal health or external sexual organ health is Votiva by InMode. This treatment can be used externally on such organs as the labia, or it can be used internally to tighten the vaginal walls.

These are just some of the treatments that we offer. Because female sexual rejuvenation is a deeply personal consideration, we treat each patient with complete privacy at Formula Wellness Center in University Park. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more!

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